How to Choose a Cosmetic Clinic Like Laser Express

Are you interested in undergoing a laser treatment? These non-invasive procedures are highly popular in individuals looking for effective hair removal, skin rejuvenation, removal of spider veins, acne scars, and tattoos, etc. 

Such procedures are performed in special clinics, equipped with high-quality laser equipment. Nowadays, there is a wide range of cosmetic clinics, such as Laser Express, using medical grade equipment in the performance of various treatments. 

We hope the following tips assist you in selecting the best clinic.

Check out the doctors and staff

Prior to scheduling a treatment at a particular clinic, make sure you gather as much information as possible about the personnel. The doctors and nurses performing the procedures are supposed to be educated, experienced, and comfortable to be around. These specialists should be qualified and registered to provide laser treatments by attending special training. Even though the procedures are non-invasive, they need to handle by a trained professional. 

Besides their existing education, these specialists are expected to upgrade their knowledge by staying on top of new laser technologies. Keeping up with industry trends is of absolute importance for staying competitive and providing the latest types of services to clients. If looking for a friendlier approach, choose a small cosmetic clinic where the personnel knows the names and medical history of their patients. 

Get familiar with the types of lasers

In order to be certain you’ll be provided with the best treatment, get familiar with the types of lasers used by cosmetic clinics. Each clinic is supposed to have a variety of tools for the performance of various health treatments such as hair removal, pigmentation removal, skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, spider vein removal, acne scar treatment, fat reduction, birthmark removal, skin tightening, facial peel, etc. 

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For instance, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is often used for hair removal, but clients are required to attend as many as ten treatments in order for the procedure to provide permanent results. In contrast, the diode laser is suitable for performing treatments on individuals with different skin colours, particularly the medium and light tones. Read here to learn about the reasons for getting an IPL treatment. 

Moreover, there are virtually no side effects from performing a procedure with such a tool, which makes it a popular alternative among clients. Nevertheless, individuals are expected to attend between six and eight sessions for the outcome to meet their expectations. 

In addition, ND: YAG is the most efficient type of laser used for hair removal owing to its ability for deep skin penetration. There are no exceptions when it comes to the skin types treated by ND: YAG as long as patients undergo between four and six sessions. 

Ultimately, alexandrite lasers provide the quickest treatments due to the coverage of large body areas in short timeframes. Just like the previous type, the alexandrite model obliges clients to schedule at least four to a maximum of six appointments for obtaining the desired results. 

Prior to deciding how to choose a cosmetic clinic, contact their office to inquire about the laser types used in their facility. You are supposed to provide information about your skin type in order for the specialist to determine whether their equipment is suitable for your type of derma. See this link,, for an overview of the five skin types. 

Pay attention to red flags

During the search for the right cosmetic clinic, individuals should be on the lookout for potential red flags. For instance, make sure to never trust clinics offering a fifty percent discount on their services, provided you register to one. Bear in mind that established providers require no commitment on the part of clients by trying to fool them with misleading discounts. 

Upon visiting the cosmetic clinic for the first time, conduct a quick inspection of the laser equipment in order to check whether it’s labelled properly. Equipment with no labels is considered of low quality, as it contains no information about the manufacturer or the date when it was produced. 

Final thoughts

There’s no reason to be desperate when noticing wrinkles, lines, birthmarks, or saggy skin on your body for the first time. I hope this article helps you choose a cosmetic clinic.

Such non-invasive treatments do wonders for their removal!


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