What Options Are Available With a Full-Service Locksmith?

As one of the best services to have in a time of crisis, the locksmith industry is vital. Have you ever lost your home or car keys? Have you ever been locked out, feeling the panic that you’ll never get back in, or the time crunch because you need to be somewhere like 15 minutes ago?

You cannot actively predict when you are going to be locked outside or when your key is going to break. Considering their job description, it may seem like all locksmiths can count as an emergency locksmith but in actual fact they are separate services as emergency locksmiths would typically be available 24/7 or at the very least most of the time. After all, they provide valuable services that give customers peace of mind that they are always able to get back in, get keys duplicated, and much more.  

Take a look at the services offered by a full-service locksmith:

24-Hour Support

One of the first benefits you’ll receive with a full-service locksmith is their availability. Very seldom does getting locked out of your home or car happen Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm. In most cases, these incidents occur at the worst time possible, either before work when you’re in a rush or accidentally locking yourself out with no way back in. With a full-service locksmith, you can expect their availability to be more accepting of life’s little unexpected curveballs.

Home Security Systems

Not every locksmith provides home security system installations. However, most full-service locksmith companies do. For example, WFX Locksmith Services include security systems too. This is just another way to protect customers’ homes, keeping them more secure. For those that worry about potential threats to their home or would even like to reduce their insurance premiums, security systems are an excellent solution.

Home Lock And Key Services

The primary service a locksmith provides is home key and lock services. These can range from key duplications to changing out home locks. Depending on the need of the customer, there isn’t much a full-service locksmith can’t do for the homeowner. Landlords may call upon keys4thecity.co.uk locksmiths to change out locks after a tenant vacates, and homeowners can request service if they get locked out or lose their keys.

Automotive Services

Locksmith services extend further than just your home. It also includes automotive lock and key. This can be the ignition, the key fob, and the door locks. For locksmiths to offer automotive services nowadays, they have to have the up to date technology. Because cars utilize an electronic system, making a new key isn’t as easy as it once was. Now keys and fobs are chipped and need to be paired to the car. To do this, your locksmith will need proper programs to make sure the keys and fobs work as they’re supposed to.

What Should You Look For In A Locksmith?

When shopping for a locksmith, one of the things you’ll want is a trustworthy company. While you might get a good deal from someone new in the business, having experience and a good track record is crucial. You will have greater peace of mind with the quality of people you work with, versus someone that could be a fly by night operation.

If the locksmith doesn’t provide full-service solutions, you might want to rethink it. A locksmith that can be there for your home and auto needs is excellent and there if you need anything. You won’t have the unpleasantry of finding another locksmith if needed, and you’ll have someone you can trust when situations like a lost key occur.

Of course, the cost is a huge factor when finding a quality locksmith. No one wants to be overcharged. Look for a company that has reasonable rates for their most common services, like lockouts and key duplication. This will give you some indication of their other services and pricing—a massive bonus to companies that provide free estimates.


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