The Best Microblading and Permanent Makeup Services In Vancouver

Are you sick and tired of regularly plucking your eyebrows? Do you waste time applying eyeliner and lipstick every single morning? Perhaps you should consider giving permanent cosmetics a chance, referring to the various methods of cosmetic tattooing.

The microblading technique enables women to have perfectly shaped permanent eyebrows by employing needles for the purpose of implanting pigments. Nowadays, there is a wide assortment of cosmetic studios, such as Ink Brow Bar, providing various microblading, lash enhancement, lip blushing, and permanent makeup services.

We hope the tips below will prove to be helpful in your search for the right artist.

Compose a shortlist of candidates

In order for you to choose a reputable microblading artist, it’s vital to compose a shortlist of the most reliable permanent makeup technicians in your local area. The internet is undoubtedly the fastest method of providing you with a list of such local professionals, offering valuable information regarding their performance, experience, and price.

In addition, look for some credible websites that rate the local microblading artists per the above-mentioned criteria. There’s also a multitude of online review sites whose goal is to assist potential clients in their search for the right professional by posting objective reviews from previous clients. Beware of saloons with a handful of reviews or no reviews at all, as these are likely to provide poor-quality services.

Moreover, word of mouth sometimes proves to be more valuable than online reviews, as well as the importance of personal recommendations. Getting trustworthy recommendations from your dearest friends or family members provides first-hand information about the practices and expertise of particular artists, which is impossible to find online.

Check credentials

The following step of your quest for the right microblading artist is checking the credentials of the most prospective candidates. For instance, all technicians are expected to be licensed to perform such services, having their licenses proudly displayed in their studios or posted on their official websites.

Also, these artists are expected to be certified by an authorized training institution, as well as by the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM). Click here to learn how artists are supposed to get certified for this job.

permanent makeup services: young woman having permanent makeup applied.

Furthermore, the amount of training these professionals have received is of indispensable importance in your choice. Apart from the extensive training that permanent makeup technicians are expected to have gathered in the past, they’re also required to attend training courses regularly so as to keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Check experience

Another crucial thing to take into account when hiring a microblading artist is his/her record of experience in this line of work. Believe it or not, a technician with numerous years of experience might be worthless in the field of permanent makeup unless she/he performs a solid number of microblading procedures on a weekly basis.

Therefore, make sure you gain access to the weekly schedule of the candidates on your shortlist in order to calculate the number of appointments. Always look for permanent makeup technicians with hectic schedules, not the ones with barely a few appointments per week. Bear in mind that the more procedures an artist handles a day the more trained and proficient he/she becomes in its job.

Schedule a consultation

Consultations are of tremendous importance when hiring a microblading artist, as these present the perfect opportunity for potential clients to assess the knowledge, professionalism, and experience of such technicians. These professionals are expected to have solid communication skills in order to respond to each of your queries fluently, without any second thoughts.

Take no notice of artists who are hesitant in their train of thought or provide vague responses to your queries. The following link:, includes the major things you need to know before microblading.

In the course of consultations, permanent makeup technicians are supposed to guide potential clients through every step of the treatment, by explaining the techniques in detail. Also, they have to be knowledgeable about every skin type so as to predict the behavior of your skin throughout the procedure.

Naturally, a reputable microblading artist is required to know all types of complications that might arise following the procedure, such as skin irritation or allergies, as well as provide useful treatment suggestions to prevent more serious issues.

Take a look at before and after photos

Taking a good look at the before and after photos of permanent makeup is crucial forgetting familiar with the end results of such treatments. Make sure you ask each candidate to provide you with a portfolio with before and after photos of former clients.

Most of the artists have some photos showcased on their websites, but their portfolios are supposed to be much larger, including photos of both permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup. Stay away from technicians who refuse to display proof of their previous work, as these are either inexperienced or poorly qualified.

Don’t forget the price

Ultimately, you are advised to check the price range of microblading and permanent makeup services in your local area to get a general idea of the average cost of such treatments. Keep in mind that both reputation and experience have a tremendous effect on the rate of the artist, which is why you should disregard professionals that offer ridiculously low prices.

Bottom line

Hiring the right artist for microblading and permanent makeup services is crucial for achieving the desired look.

Choose wisely!


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