When are the Best Times of Year to Go on Holiday?

Going on vacation is always a particularly favorite part of the year. Having the opportunity to visit new places, experience different cultures, and lifestyles and even make new friends. Vacations give people that time to just get away from daily activities and rest or chill. This could be alone, with family, friends or loved ones. But before going on vacation, it’s important to know the best time of year to visit your chosen vacation destination. What are the best times of the year to go on holiday?

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Best periods to go on vacation

The offseason

Nearly all vacation destinations have off-seasons and this is often influenced by some factors. Most commonly it’s because of the weather, which will at times not permit tourists to fully explore the location. There will be very few activities to do during this period, which will take away some of the fun. Winter is typically an off-season in most vacation destinations.

Of course, you will also need to consider where you will be headed to as winter in the Southern hemisphere happens during summer in the Northern hemisphere. For example, winter in the Southern Hemisphere usually runs from June to September. 

The good thing is that if you are headed to French Polynesia it will virtually be summer weather year round, making it a perfect destination. If you go, consider staying at the Brando Hotel Tetiaroa where you can stay on a private island and make your vacation unforgettable!

Shoulder season

The shoulder season is the period between the high season and the offseason. Typically the weather is more manageable. This is often during the periods of spring and the early periods of fall. Lodging and travel expenses are always moderate during this season and vacation destinations throughout this period are less crowded. 

I find this season a perfect time to travel as it is not too busy (or as expensive) and it still gives you a chance to do things you probably won’t be able to find during the off-season. Why not use the money you save and stay at a Boutique Hotel in New York, for example? It will be a memorable vacation, but still more cost effective than you may imagine. 

Work considerations

Work schedules play an important role in when people decide they can go on vacations. Often, vacations must be planned during less busy work periods. Make sure to look at the office calendar and apply for a vacation when there is little or no work. Also, make sure all office assignments are done properly and handed over to avoid work-related calls while on vacation.

School schedule

When traveling with kids of school age, the school schedule plays the most essential role when planning. School schedules are not like work where ones, where you can choose to miss a day or two. So usually school schedules do not coincide or work out for everyone. This can confuse and makes vacations during school periods stressful to plan and execute. Summer, Christmas, and spring break are often the best times of the year to consider planning trips, especially when it comes to working around school schedules.

At Russell Holiday Park there are different accommodation spaces that can suit anyone who visits, from long vacations to family or group vacations.


Different vacation destinations obviously offer people different activities. So it’s important to create a detailed plan of intended activities that can serve as a guide to choosing a destination. Budgeting equally plays a major role when planning a vacation. People can always take a few months to save for their vacations and know what they can spend. It’s quite essential to stick to one’s budget to avoid incurring extra expenses.

Explore every new place as much as possible. And if possible have your holidays documented, especially family or friend vacations. This will serve as the perfect memory and if possible take more vacations more often in order to bond with your loved ones outside of the home.


By Alice Johnson

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