Exploring Better and Healthier Life Possibilities in Antigua

A recent Huffington Post article talks about how city living can take its toll on your health. Firstly, several studies show that urban residents are more prone to chronic stress. Secondly, they are also more inclined to develop mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Other findings also prove that city-dwellers are rarely as physically healthy as folks from the country or less urbanized locations. There are also higher cases of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease in crowded urban areas.

It is for these reasons that health and wellness experts strongly advocate for people to get away and spend more time in nature. In fact, those who are already ill can benefit immensely from transplanting their lives into a rural area where nature is easily accessible. Many of them outlive their illness, and become happier and stronger.

Finding a healthier lifestyle in Antigua

And speaking of less developed areas where stressed and tired city folks can retreat to you can find a healthier lifestyle in Antigua. This island nation has long been a popular destination for people from across the globe who want to kick back, relax, and experience a luxuriously slower pace of life. This is a fantastic place to get off the grid and focus on your overall wellness, and rethink life.

What to Love About Antigua?

Aside from the less stressful, laid back island lifestyle, there are so many other things that draw people to find a healthier lifestyle in Antigua overall.

It’s a place to get physically active

This is not just because Antigua offers an abundance of water activities and that hiking is quite a trend among tourists. In Antigua, you would get a lot of exercise because most of the conveniences in developed nations are not yet present here. Wi-Fi is not available everywhere, and 24/7 food delivery services are not popular, as well as Uber-like services.

If you are trying to get your body, mind, and soul back on track through a getaway to this island nation, the way of life here will demand that you disconnect from technology, get your body moving, and shape up. Public transportation here is adequate, but you probably can get to places you wish to explore faster and on time if you opt to just bike. And biking on the islands is a treat. It doubles as a shower of vitamin D and fresh air. And, it is visually delightful because you get to see the lush vegetation and azure seas.

The growing expat community

The growing expat community of Antigua and Barbuda is moderately populated, yet there is a growing community of expats here. A lot of them are retirees living their fantasy life in a tropical paradise. Meanwhile, some are entrepreneurs who wish to launch businesses that are not yet available on the island. The expat community is mostly composed of dual citizens, many of whom have taken  advantage of the second citizenship by investment program available in the Caribbean.

What does this mean for tourists? It means that there’s a familiar group of people that you can actually turn to when you come for a visit. These are people who may have come from a very similar background to yours and can share how living in Antigua has positively changed them.

With plentiful positive international influence and expertise on the islands, your stay should easily be as enjoyable and beneficial to your health as you want it to be.

Career and business possibilities in Antigua

The different environment and local culture of Antigua can open doors to new potential. Say,  you’re an entrepreneur, and you are looking to revitalize your career, spending time in Antigua, which is a place so different from where you’re originally from, and can bring great inspiration. Many expats who have launched businesses on the island are responsible for some of the most thriving businesses here. They sought to provide what’s lacking in the commercial scene and managed to capitalize on a curious and receptive market.

So, if you are a business person looking for fresh opportunities, expect to find them when you come to Antigua. And if you really want to launch businesses here, that’s bound to be easy if you apply for Antigua citizenship by investment.

Once you become acknowledged as a citizen of Antigua, most processes are easier. At the same time and if you decide to become a tax resident as well, you will harness incredible tax benefits.  These can open doors to other great opportunities. You can do business here, and do so with less stress because the commercial scene of the islands is not as ferociously competitive.

The happiness culture

The culture of happiness. Caribbean people are among the happiest in the world. The typical core of their happiness and joy are family, community, and the beauty of their surroundings. It’s no wonder they’re generally so chilled out. A lot of folks from abroad come and marvel at the local culture of happiness because it’s a reminder that the things that truly bring joy are often the simplest. So, even if they are not particularly wealthy, living is not burdensome.

This culture can be an eye-opener for high-performing and competitive people and a reminder of simple pleasures and how to reconnect with nature, family and friends by having a healthier lifestyle.

The abundance of quiet sanctuaries

Antigua has many beaches, and there’s no doubt that you will find one that does not have a lot of if any tourists at all. For people with high-stress levels, these quiet pockets of nature are real blessings. Here, the only sounds you’ll hear are those produced by nature. And, of course, it’s not just the quietness that you can benefit from. You can enjoy the stunning vistas of nature, too.

Plus, if you wish to explore the underwater world, there are local scuba diving experts that can accompany you as you visit coral reefs inhabited by tropical fish.

Visit Antigua or stay forever

Antigua is genuinely a lovely nation. It is humble, yet it boasts glorious natural infrastructure, especially for those who are burned out by living in highly polluted and busy cities. It is no wonder people from across the world come to find a healthier lifestyle in Antigua. In Antigua they can refresh their body, mind, and spirit, and many decide it’s the ideal place to be and opt to make it their forever home.

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Kal Kennard is a Partner at Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean, North America and Europe. Based in the Caribbean for the past 15 years, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.

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