A Touch Of Luxury: Tips To Revamp Your Home

Being able to pay the mortgage is a privilege. Owning your own home is often one of those things on the bucket list as you grow up. It’s having that little piece of the world that belongs to you and when you own it outright, it’s an achievement like no other. With the status that comes with owning your own home, you definitely deserve a little luxury and so as you’re the person in charge of the bills and the house along with all its décor and fittings, you can add a touch of luxury to make it perfect for you.

Upgrading and making changes to your home can only make it better: that Seventies green bathroom with the orange swirl flooring when you moved in may have been fancy back then, but you make changes to fit the time and your personality. If like me, you’re not a homeowner, don’t worry, you can still make your current home a luxury retreat. 

A Touch of Luxury: Adding Art

Some people love the minimalist look in their living room; the less is more approach. Sometimes minimalism equals luxury – it certainly does in the masses of art galleries in the big city! Simplicity and clean lines can make people feel calm and safe. The less busy the room, the less cluttered, the more at peace you can feel.

Choosing a little luxury in the form of a quirky piece of art from a known artist can make the value of the home go up, even if that’s only in your estimation. Your home is your sanctuary so make choices on art based on what you love rather than just because it’s extreme, although extreme art can be incredibly beautiful!

a touch of luxury

Focus on the Details

In the kitchen, you have all manner of fixtures and furnishings to upgrade. Change the under the counter fridge for a larger, American-style refrigerator with a piped water supply for ice in three types.  You can also swap out the old hot taps by installing instant boiling water taps and say goodbye to the old kettle on the counter. These fixtures ideas are all expensive and not just in terms of your purse, but the look you give the room. You don’t have to pay out top money for a new refrigerator but if it LOOKS expensive, the room will ooze sophistication and poise.

Luxury at Any Budget

Your home should fake it til it makes it because sometimes, the wallet doesn’t stretch to price tag luxury. A touch of luxury is whatever you decide it is so if that means swapping bargain basement couch cushions over and upholstering your couch in an entirely new fabric, go for it. If changing out the lampshades for something with a vintage look can make your bedroom look classy and warm, that right there is luxury.

You ultimately should make a point of having fun with your home upgrades and buy things you know you’ll enjoy rather than anything to fill the gap. If your home is representing who you are, who doesn’t need a little bit of chic dotted throughout?

Are you a homeowner? What have you done to bring luxury to your home?

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