The Understanding of Early Pregnancy Development

Kids are great. I haven’t carried my own baby yet, but I hope to. The entire experience sounds wonderful. From early pregnancy development to the lovely presents and baby products at the baby shower.

Early Pregnancy Development

What is Fetal Development?

It is the growth and stages of your little one increasing in size inside of you.

This is the stage soon after conception has occurred. Of course. After the egg has been fertilized it rapidly grows into many cells called an embryo, then from the eighth week onwards it is called a fetus. And lastly, a beautiful baby.

A great insight into fetal development can be found in this article. Put your feet up and have a lazy read, you deserve it. There are many weeks ahead, trimesters, stages, you name it. They’re coming. And this is going to be such an exciting time in you and your partners’ lives.

Stages of Fetal Development

First Trimester. This is from 0-12 weeks. Baby goes from being a fertilized egg to what resembles a moving plum. It has a brain, organs and arms and legs. 

Second Trimester. 13-27 weeks. Plum has evolved to plump aubergine and has grown nails, eyelashes and brows and is tasting all the foods you are eating.

Third and Final Trimester. The countdown to 40 weeks begins. And as all the fruit and veg pass you by, you see the image of a small pumpkin looming ahead. Oh yes, I said pumpkin. I knew small watermelon might make you cross your legs.

What are the Effects on You Carrying Your Baby?

The first thing any woman says is hormones. Then weight gain. For me, I was lucky enough not to experience any of those things. Maybe because as a chef I didn’t have time to, or because running our business and sprinting after the other monkey meant no time to sit around. Never mind just sit.

But women do have these changes in hormones, and due to so much extra estrogen in the body, nausea tends to be one of the side effects accompanied by the oh so lovely heartburn. 

Emotions are flying all over the place, high and low. My advice, get those pair of sneakers you’ve always wanted from hubby now, he’ll be glad to get out of the house for a break, and you get a present. Win-win. 


Another side effect or (benefit) of being pregnant. No-one is going to tell a pregnant woman she can’t have a piece of cake for breakfast. It’s not the one thing and is frankly bad manners.

There’s no study to suggest the reason behind these urges but has been put down to the body needing more of certain vitamins and minerals, which are then found in the new foods. 

And it’s fine to eat cake in the morning, just be sure to not go too overboard and still keep a healthy balanced diet. For you and baby.

Scans and Ultrasounds

This is the only way we can see our precious before they come out. Each scan is more exciting than the last, and each new photo is more blurred as the baby takes up space.

What is an Ultrasound? It’s a magic wand they put freezing gel onto and then rub all over your round tummy, and you can see through the looking glass at your gorgeous bundle inside. You can also click here for the more technical version.

They have developed, and its popularity is rapidly increasing, the new 4D baby scan. It shows intricately more details, and parents often say they can see who the baby looks like already. Amazing.

Are they Safe?

Many women have concerns as to whether an ultrasound scan is safe. Rest your mind in knowing that, the majority of studies have shown, that limited use of ultrasounds during early pregnancy development is not going to harm the fetus. 

All I can say is get ready to strap in for the ride of your life.


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