How to Turn Your Dining Room Into the Perfect Entertaining Space

your dining room: black table set, with purple flowers and 6 white chic chairs.

Your dining room is an often-overlooked part of your home. However, it deserves some attention, as it’s here that you and your family eat together, and you probably use the space to entertain friends too.

With that in mind, here are some great tips for transforming your dining area into the perfect social space.

Dining room décor tips

  • Work with the light. If the room is blessed with natural light, you’ll want to make the most of this. Keep curtains or blinds lightweight, and don’t be afraid to choose dark, dramatic paint for the walls – you’ll be able to get away with this as the room is so light-filled. However, if the room is darker or dingier, stick to white or pale paint, and use mirrors to maximise the available light.
  • Artwork. It’s nice to have some form of artwork on the walls, as this adds visual interest (and gives your guests something to look at when they’re at your house). For a period property vibe, you could cover an entire wall in smaller picture-frames. Alternatively, if you want a bold focal point, go for one large painting or print.
  • Use lighting to your advantage. Lighting can be used to create all sorts of different moods. Drop-lighting over the table itself will make the dining area the central focus. Wall-lamps add a sense of grandeur. Floor-lamps can make the room feel cosier and more relaxed. Figure out what sort of ambiance you want, then go from there.
  • Which dining room table? Dining room tables don’t always have to be made from wood. If you love the polished, refined look, a glass-topped table creates real impact. Alternatively, if you want something more industrial, look for a table with metal legs. Work out what will work best in the available space. If the room is square, a circular table could be a good option. If it’s long and narrow, you’ll need a rectangular table that fits the available dimensions.
  • Play to the senses. Remember, a room is never just about the visuals. You’ll need to think about texture too. For example, a sheepskin rug and leather upholstery on the dining chairs will make the room seem comfortable and familiar. Smoother, sleeker surfaces like glass, polished metal and satin, are more formal and glamorous. Consider scent too. A simple reed diffuser or candle is a good way to fill the room with a mood-enhancing smell, or even a spritz of a decadent scent like Aventus by Creed would do the job.
  • Think about flooring. This room is all about the food, which means that carpet might not be the best choice. Hard-wearing wood or tiles are easy to clean, and they look chic too. Consider what atmosphere you’re going for too. If you’re after a traditional look, wooden floorboards look fantastic. Contemporary spaces might benefit from shiny tiles.

Search for inspiration

Before you get started decorating your dining room, browse online. Scour interior design magazines. Get inspired as much as you can, then think realistically about how you can get the look you love in your own home.


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