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Vaping is a trend that has achieved a staggering rise in popularity in recent years. Yet, now that some of the regulatory bodies are on board, there are fast-growing fears this may result in serious limitations for the fledgling industry. Implementation of these changes will be felt by both the retailers and the consumers since they cover the use and sale of the E-cigarettes and other vaping products. Reputable sources who make a living from vaping have noted this is probably unlikely. Particularly given the incredibly lucrative nature of this new and upcoming industry.

Historical Origins

Herbert A. Gilbert is the pioneer credited with inventing the earliest prototype for a smokeless (tobacco free) cigarette. His solution replaced burning tobacco and paper with filtered and flavoured air. Unfortunately for Herbert, he was a man ahead of his time. It wasn’t until 2003, when a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, capitalized on the existing patent to invent the modern E-cigarette. His innovative design quickly became the preferred choice for those seeking a substitute for smoking tobacco.

E-cigarettes and vape mods come in an astonishing variety of forms and are quite ingenious devices. While most vapers typically utilize E-cigarettes, box mods or vape pens, there has been a significant influx of people who are switching to the mechanical mod. The consensus is the health benefits of vaping, as opposed to more traditional choices, far outweigh the negative aspects.

Global Expansion

The inception of vaping created and actively exploited, a perfectly positioned niche market. With products widely used throughout the United Kingdom and the United States, there are a multitude of opportunities within other international markets beginning to open. With the vaping community renowned for innovation and ripe for expansion, growth is projected to be exponential.

Despite the obvious challenges presented by more stringent regulation, many analysts are predicting that vaping could become a $50 billion industry within the next ten years.

People are educated enough to realize the damaging and possibly fatal drawbacks to traditional tobacco products and are seeking a suitable alternative. As product awareness rises and familiarity with vaping gains even greater exposure, expansion on a truly epic scale is not beyond reach. This is an appealing prospect for many who are trying to break into the vaping business.

Vaping vs. Smoking

Once the apparent health benefits of switching to vaping and the broad range of alternative smoke solutions are internationally recognized, the industry will grow rapidly. There have been several studies which highlighted the numerous positive benefits of switching from traditional tobacco products to the alternative option of E-cigarettes and other assorted vaping alternatives.

The fact remains that should the current vaping business models adapt well enough to survive the coming impositions placed on them by governing bodies, possibly millions of smokers will sensibly switch to the healthier, low-risk nicotine alternatives. When it comes down to the scientific data gleaned from comparing the two, the data is slightly skewed. With many of the studies conducted by people in the tobacco control field, the bias is overwhelmingly in favour of a total ban on all nicotine products.

living from vaping

Benefits of Vaping

Cessation seems to be the name of the game when it comes to a direct comparison between vaping and tobacco cigarettes. There’s quite a lot of statistical data which backs the theory that most people who now enjoy vaping were once slaves to the powerful pull of the tobacco plant. And if not for vaping, it’s commonly believed they would still be smoking traditional cigarettes – with all the inherent health risks which that entails.

A completely rounded view of vaping would have to include mention of the consumable ingredients (E liquids) which are responsible for producing those thick and fulminating clouds of vapour. Primarily – Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) with the inevitable dose of nicotine.

It’s not just the stunning variety of flavours or the positive cost-cutting benefits that make vaping attractive to so many. It’s the notion that if you intend to quit smoking (anything) entirely, you will have far greater success if you are a vaper and not a smoker.

Researchers who undertook studies supporting this theory took many variables into account:

  • The strength of the participant’s willingness to quit.
  • Level of education achieved.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Basic vitals, i.e., age, weight, and medical history.

Their conclusions provided strong support for vaping over smoking. The possibility of quitting permanently was at least three times higher among those who identified as regular vapers.

It’s all the rage, and you can find more than one YouTube channel dedicated to their daring displays. Not only do many consider vaping a viable alternative to tobacco, but they also consider it worthy of being a highly prized competitive sport. Vaping competitions and ‘cloud chasing’ are just two ways you can get paid to smoke for a living!

It’s an entirely new era, a world where your professional credentials can include the title “Professional Vaper”! People who vape for a living can make some serious cash while doing it something they love.

living from vaping

Become an Internet Sensation

Surely, you’ve heard of Blake Vape’s rapid rise to stardom. Blake’s YouTube earnings are a modest $5K annually. However, he has a multitude of other means by which to financially benefit from his career as a professional vaper. The YouTube money accounts for a mere fraction of his revenue. It doesn’t include the extraneous revenue made through sponsorship opportunities, product endorsements or paid appearances. His contribution to vaping has enabled him to enjoy a newfound sense of security.

The most surprising aspect of his fame and fortune is not his apparent meteoric rise, but that it comes from his ability to coin a clever phrase and willingness to film himself in a series of bizarre or ridiculous situations. A spectacular event which the online viewers seem to love.

Become a Vaping Photographer or Vaping Model

With a little capital outlay, a good deal of practice and some genuine talent, you could make a decent living from following the vapers around and catching their cloudy brilliance in action. The current market may be an incredibly difficult place to distinguish yourself, as there is fierce competition. However, if you can find your place within this niche, there is definite room to reap financial rewards.

Similarly, there is always the seemingly unending demand for beautiful bodies who are willing to exploit any fiduciary possibilities associated with this new phenomenon. Although, once again it may prove to be a tricky prospect for some as the models incur the cost of hiring a photographer to shoot and edit. Yet you can’t discount those lucky few who sell their imagery on Instagram for a considerable sum and are making it in the vaping community.

The Competition Craze

This evolving industry has provided some startling innovations that have virtually revolutionized the way people view smoking. It’s even become a sport! With enthusiastic participants blowing vapour clouds in a stunning display of skill. Many record their amazing feats and set them to musical accompaniment. The product has really resonated with the public, who thoroughly enjoy the spectacular tricks.

‘Cloud chasing’ is when they simulate the fluffy cumulonimbus clouds – seen on a bright blue horizon – through an exhalation of hot air also backed by some driving beats which enrich the experience for the viewing public. There are entire YouTube channels devoted to this new and exciting sporting phenomenon.

In fact, 2016 saw the World Series of Cloud chasing hosted in London, UK and there were some very serious competitors. All vying for the $100k prize money, which was an impressive haul for the dedicated vaper who won. Using only the most superior products and drawing on vast reserves of lung capacity, the competitors try to outdo each other in every aspect of their vapour cloud. Girth and length plus overall density and size are all factors the judges consider.

Given that most participants are male, it’s hardly surprising that these are the requirements which need to be satisfied to make the grade.

So, yeah…that’s a thing! Professional vapers, whose claim to fame is their ability to blow fragrantly clouded smoke into a variety of patterned smoke rings!

So, whether you’re a vaping supplier, an E-liquid consumer or an ‘up and comer’ on the competition circuit, there’s a way to make money from the demise of traditional tobacco. Unlike those who indulge in the toxic poison that is tobacco, vapers may be around long enough to see the industry thrive and be savvy enough to profit from it.

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