Travel Essentials When Going to Bali

Going on any vacation is always exciting. With every new place or trip comes a unique experience where you get to meet more people, see beautiful sceneries, and try new activities. If you’re an adventurer, then you most likely enjoy learning new things about different places. 

Bali is no exception. Whether you’re visiting the island for an exciting adventure or relaxation, you will be captured by its beauty. With its beautiful beaches and landscapes, it’s no surprise that Bali continues to be a popular tourist destination. 

Like all other trips, it is essential to pack the essentials and bring them with you to prevent any problems. From your passport to your plane ticket, to the receipt of your Bali villas, there are several things you have to keep with you. Before you set out for your new adventure, try to take some time to go through the checklist of essentials that you need. 

Use an expandable backpack for travel to carry all your essentials and then some. It should have the necessary compartments for every item you bring. Carry a backpack so it won’t be a hassle transferring from the airport to your hotel. Bali does not have all the conveniences of a metropolis, and so it will be easier when you go around with a backpack.

Travel Documents and Money

Your travel documents, which include your passport, visa, airline ticket, travel insurance, and other important files, should always be with you. Better yet, have a photocopy of all your documents and leave the copy with your family member at home or in a different place in your bag in case anything gets lost or stolen. A good tip is to bring some passport-sized photos with you for travel visas in case you suddenly decide to travel to other areas of Southeast Asia while in Bali.

With regards to money, keep your debit or credit card safe inside your bag and have some backup cash, as ATMs may sometimes be under maintenance. Remember to set aside some cash in your country’s currency in case you need to pay for anything in the airport before you leave for Bali or once you arrive from Bali.

Hygienic Supplies and First Aid Kit

Regardless of whether you’re staying in beautiful Bali villas, a hotel, or a hostel, it will help to bring a set of hygienic supplies for convenience. These supplies include alcohol, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and mosquito repellent to keep you safe from mosquitoes and to stay clean. Similarly, pack a small first aid kit in case of emergencies since you may not be familiar with the location of pharmacies or the medicine being sold in another country.


Given the tropical climate in Bali, you can pack light and bring airy, cotton clothes that are not too heavy or hot. If you intend to visit sacred places like the Elephant Cave or Hindu temples, it will be best to wear clothes that cover the knees and shoulders. 

If you’re unsure of what clothes to pack, you can check out travel guides that detail the appropriate clothing to bring, depending on the time of the year. As for shoes, flip-flops are the typical go-to in Bali, but if you plan to hike some mountains, then you will need to wear hiking shoes.

If possible, try to leave some luggage space so you can purchase some things on the island. When visiting Bali, getting a sarong is an absolute must because it’s not only beautiful but also helps keep you protected from the sun. You can also visit local souvenir stores to find handmade jewellery or trinkets to bring back with you as a souvenir from your trip. 


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