Searching for Your Lesbian Love Online? Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Love is everywhere. But potential scams are everywhere too, even on the best lesbian dating app. You may not be as safe as you think on these sites because, unfortunately, online dating scammers abound who want to phish vital information, steal your identity, prey on your emotions, and take your money. Although there are many successful romance stories online, it’s still good to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself protected. If you’re searching for lesbian love online, here’s how you can protect yourself:

Use Reverse Search Image

To verify the identity of the girl that you’re chatting with, use reverse image searches and tools like “social catfish” to check if they are really who they say they are. Check out the profile images of the girl that you’re chatting with. Make sure these pics aren’t modelling head-shots, stock photos, or stolen images. 

Typically, when you put in the picture in these tools, it will search for a variety of profiles under many different names to verify the truthfulness of the photographs.

Keep Yourself Informed About the Latest Scams

Do ample research and keep yourself informed about the various kinds of dating scams emerging. Read up on it at least once a week, especially those related to the lesbian dating platform that you’re using. Various dating scams have different scammers. 

Some are into prolonged cat-fishing, while others attempt to hack into an account. For your safety, it’s good to stay vigilant and alert. The virtual world is just as full of evil as the big, real world. 

Refrain From Revealing Too Much Information

How will you be able to forge an honest connection with someone if you don’t reveal information? Here’s the thing- dating takes time. Anyone who is on the lookout for an honest and open relationship will not rush you because she wants you to give her the same leeway. 

In contrast, hackers that want to use emotional manipulation want all your personal details ASAP. Be very wary about those who wish to get so much information on an online dating site when you have not even met yet. It’s best to always be cautious until you have gone on two to three real dates and have built trust. 

Don’t Match With Profiles that Seem Too Suspicious

If someone has too little pictures, little info about her interests, a weird location, or a profile that generally seems suspicious, do not match or make friends with this person. When in doubt, just don’t! Avoid women who give you weird introduction messages that are overly flattering. 

Sometimes, the best reply is no response at all. Most importantly, if you’re unable to verify the real identity of a person in your dating app, it’s best to cut off communication instantly.

Avoid Sending Intimate Pictures of Yourself

A lot of scammers use your sensitive pictures to email you and extort money from you. Do yourself a favour and never, ever send anyone a compromising, overly sexy photo of yourself, especially to someone you have just met online. 

You may be eager to start an honest-to-goodness relationship, but with too many cybercriminals lurking in the background, you have to be extra careful.

It doesn’t hurt to be paranoid when you’re dating online. Finding lesbian love online is hard, but don’t make it extra complicated by exposing yourself to hackers. When you are using an online dating app or site, it’s always best to err on the side of caution, so you don’t hurt yourself. 


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