3 Reasons to Get Luxury Parquet Flooring in Your Home

We all have a preference for how we like our home to look and feel. Sure, it’s not always possible to achieve exactly what we want, particularly given the financial constraints most of us are under due to the current pandemic. I’ve discussed in previous posts, for example how my new home is full of pine furniture, which isn’t really my cup of tea but I’m a bit stuck with for the time being.

Flooring has always been my go-to in terms of what I notice first in a home. I was brought up in the age of the carpet. And my parents’ home still has carpet in most rooms, although that does have its benefits given how cold it can get in the winter where I am originally from.

But why parquet flooring? Well, let me divulge. Here are 5 reasons why I want to have luxury parquet flooring in my home.

It’s Clean!

When I think “luxury flooring” I don’t think fancy rugs or thick carpet. I’m talking about flooring like parquet, which comes in a variety of different forms and finishes.

Parquet comes from the French term “parquetry” which basically means “small compartment”. So visually, it falls in line with my love for minimalist interior design.

The biggest advantage of parquet flooring is how easy it is to keep it lovely and clean. Yes, I am a bit of clean-freak, so I set my standards high. Think Monica from “Friends”. Actually no, not that bad! But a spotless floor is a must have for me. For years now I have been one of those people who takes her shoes off pretty much as soon as she walks into the house. And my step-kids are half Japanese, so they’ve been partly raised in a culture where wearing shoes indoors is a big faux pas.

Keeping your luxury flooring as clean as possible often simply involves using good vacuum or broom that works well on hard floors and a lightly moist mop. Remember never to mop a luxury floor like parquet as you would your tiled bathroom. Over time, and not much of it, this will result in your flooring losing its both its strength and its natural colour.

If you don’t really believe in keeping indoor flooring overly clean, I’m certainly not going to preach. Every man’s home is his castle as the saying goes. My personal preference for flooring that is easy to keep clean is based on my uneasiness with bringing into my home too much dirt from the street. While not wearing outdoor shoes indoors definitely helps with this problem, I find that it isn’t always easy or convenient to have to tell people who step into your home that they need to remove their footwear as soon as they step inside. This is where an easy-to-clean floor really comes into its own.

It’s Anti-Allergenic

Allergies, and more to the point avoiding them, are a big part of my day to day life. Dust and pollen are particularly problematic to me. This means that in living in a home with carpets and rugs means constantly vacuuming and fairly regular carpet shampooing to keep the beasties at bay.

With luxury flooring, especially parquet flooring, keeping allergens away is very simple. And the fact that parquet flooring comes in a number of different finishes makes it even more straightforward. You can basically tailor your flooring to whatever finish is most effective at dealing with whatever you are allergic to. Lacquered, oiled, invisible oiled, smoked, or unfinished – the choice is yours. And then there is the surface too. You can take your pick from smooth, brushed or tumbled.

My personal favourite type of parquet is smoked and smooth, as I find that sweeping up dust is particularly simple when the surface is as smooth as it can be. Why not an oiled finish then, you may be wondering? Well, a slippery floor is a complete no-no for me as I suffer from problems with my knees. That’s a story for another day however.

It’s Natural

There’s nothing better when it comes to interior comforts, in my view, than keeping it natural. I’m not talking “shabby-chic” here, which isn’t a style I particularly like. I’m talking natural yet classy. Parquet flooring in your home has that luxury yet real look and feel that I love. Colour, of course, is also important. I am not a big fan of beech wood, but anything darker, depending on how it fits with wall and furniture colour, can make a home feel very warm and inviting.

So there you have it – these are my top 3 reasons to get parquet flooring in your home Whether you are already planning to get new flooring or simply considering it, I hope this post helps. As always, feel free to let me know your thoughts!

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