Kybella is the Latest Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Trend

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Approximately 45 percent of people who opt for Kybella treatments are getting their first-ever aesthetic treatments. Kybella entices newcomers to try non-invasive plastic surgery because it’s a practical solution to one common beauty problem – the double chin.

If you have a double chin and you dream of having a sleek, defined jawline, Kybella may be exactly what you’re looking for. If you do opt for Kybella treatments, you’ll minimize or eliminate your double chin via a series of in-office injections, rather than needing to go under the knife.

Today we want to talk about what Kybella is, the associated risks with this aesthetic treatment and how much it costs.

What is Kybella, Anyway?

This nonsurgical cosmetic procedure is utilized to remove excess fat under the chin. When you choose Kybella, a plastic surgeon will inject synthetic deoxycholic acid into the problem area. The injected solution will break down fat that creates the dreaded double chin.

According to, this procedure received approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015. It’s a surgery-free substitute for liposuction, which is an invasive plastic surgery procedure. Now, let’s talk about the risk factors that come with this increasingly popular cosmetic procedure.

Is This a Risky Aesthetic Treatment?

According to the Realself-com website, 75 percent of people who get these treatments are pleased with their results. While it’s a well-tolerated treatment for most, it’s not without risks. If Kybella isn’t injected properly, the contour may be irregular.

An improper injection may also cause necrosis of the skin, nerve weakness, nerve damage and bruising. Some people are more prone to bruising than other people are. It’s possible to cover most Kybella-related bruising with cosmetics.

If you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to do your Kybella treatments, you’ll decrease the risk of improper injection. Board-certified plastic surgeons are the cream of the crop. If you like what you’ve read about this procedure so far, you may wonder how much it costs.

How Much Does Kybella Cost?

According to, the cost of a trio of Kybella treatments is approximately 5,400 dollars. The time between treatments is typically four to six weeks. Laser lipo for a double chin usually costs about $7,500 and liposuction is typically harder to recover from because it’s real surgery.

Is Kybella Right for You?

A typical session requires roughly twenty injections under the chin. You may expect to feel burning and stinging during the procedure. You’ll probably hold an ice pack under your chin which helps to ease discomfort. Any sensation should dissipate in fifteen to twenty minutes.

After the procedure, which generally takes twenty minutes to complete, you may experience swelling for a few days to a week. If you want an innovative, nonsurgical way to banish your double chin, you may find that the minor discomfort and swelling is well worth it.

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