My Favourite Wedding Themes According to Season


Planning a wedding is such a personal endeavour. I’d never dream of telling anyone how they should have their wedding, and especially not what theme they should choose. I do think that with so many themes abounding you can narrow down the plethora of options by considering the seasons. Websites like confetti and even the random parenting blog can help you find your favourite wedding theme and get organised for the big day. My favourite wedding themes according to the season may or may not fit the cliches but I love them nonetheless. The day I choose what season my wedding will be in, I will probably opt for one of these.

Spring – Vintage

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. Miranda Priestly said it best and she was right. Floral fever is, and will probably always be associated with spring, not only for wedding themes but in general. Why not skip it and try a vintage theme? Delicate like lace and pearls or a vintage English shabby chic theme, it’s beautiful to focus on the simplicity and femininity of a time gone by.

Summer – Boho by the Lake

Beach weddings may be the weddings that come to mind when you think of a summer wedding, but I think of something else – a boho chic wedding by a lake. The relaxed boho vibe is reminiscent of summers in the countryside and enjoying time outdoors. Those long summer nights are just perfect for a casual and relaxed boho girl like me. I’m certain that your bridesmaids also will appreciate the more relaxed dress code available for the season of bridesmaids dresses 2018.

Autumn – Woodland Wedding

With the colours all around us changing, and a certain crispness in the air, autumn has always been my favourite season. As an introvert, there’s something comforting about the colder weather. Some people may not pair autumn with an outdoor wedding but I’ve always dreamed of it.

Winter – Glamourous and Formal 

Let’s skip the winter wonderland theme, shall we? Snowflakes and silver glitter can be nice, but why not try something a bit bolder? Winter doesn’t offer the best weather, so if one has to be forced to have an indoor wedding then why not go all out? My favourite idea for a winter wedding look is full of textures and colours. Bold and glamorous emerald greens, sapphire blues, eggplant and wine shades are formal and stunning. Pair them either silver or gold and the look will be complete. If a more minimal but glam feel is your style then opting for all white with some bling might just be your thing.

Weddings are such a personal occasion and there’s no right and wrong. Ultimately it’s all about making your day as unique as you are and not settling for anything less than what you want.


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