How to Find The Perfect Engagement Ring For Her Personality

The Perfect Engagement Ring For Her Personality

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is the start of a life-long relationship. In fact, you could say that it’s one of the most important decisions of your life. It’s important that you choose a ring that signifies your partner’s personality because it will be the most important piece of jewellery they will possess.

With a wide variety of stones and designs that are available in the market, in this day and age, the choices are endless. It may also seem quite overwhelming at times. Should you go for a vintage engagement ring, or something else? Here are some tips that could help you get started in choosing the ‘right’ ring.

One of the most important things in choosing the perfect ring is that it must remain timeless. Let’s say 40 to 50 years from now, your partner should love that ring the same way as she did the first time you placed it onto her finger. So, it is only fair that you put time and effort in choosing the ring. Choosing the ring that reflects your loved one’s personality is one way that ensures that the ring remains dear to her for a lifetime.

Nowadays, it has also become common for the soon-to-be bride to be involved in choosing the engagement ring. Even in that case, choosing the ring that reflects her personality is monumental for the ceremony, and a little input never hurts, as it will be her who will adorn the ring on her finger for the rest of her life.

So, if you are the one who wanted to surprise your significant other with a proposal or if you are deciding with her for her own ring for the engagement, there are unique engagement rings in Toronto made by Diamonds for Less or from similar jewellers that you can check out.

Below are some recommendations on styles that match different personality traits.

The Perfect Engagement Ring: Classic

Solitaire is the way to go for classy people. It is the most popular engagement ring styles. Featuring a single stone at the centre, these rings are simple yet elegant. This style is timeless and makes a powerful style statement. If she likes to stand-out while being classy, you can go for Marquise rings.

The Perfect Engagement Ring: Bold and confident

If she is bold and confident, sometimes you need a ring that goes beyond the usual engagement ring trends. A coloured gemstone of her choice will perfectly complement her bold personality. A three-stone ring is also a good choice for those who are confident and prefer different choices. One exciting thing about the three-stone rings is the range of choices you can get.

Simple and Nature Loving

Organic elements embedded in the design of the ring suits this personality type. You can go with uniquely shaped rings like pear-shaped diamond rings or willow diamond rings.


Vintage rings are a good choice for romantic people. Authentic and antique collection of rings costs more, but are worth your effort.

Modern and glamorous

Round cut diamonds are the most popular among today’s youth. These rings are best for people who like to stay up with the current trends. If she prefers something that’s more glamour, simply go with the Halo setting, like Round crown Halo or classic round halo.

Those are some style ideas that may match with your loved one’s personality. Visit a trusted jeweller and start your search for the perfect engagement ring.

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