10 Important Tools to Have to Make Lawn Care Easier

Having the right tools and equipment can make any garden task so much faster and simpler to accomplish. This is why if you’re a new property owner who needs to stay on top of lawn care in order to maintain the beauty and function of your outdoor space, it’s worth investing in the niftiest tools for lawn care, Springfield, MO garden and lawn specialists say. 

Listed below are some essential tools to have.

1. Garden hose

Even if you’re keen on investing in a smart reticulation system for your lawn, you will still find a garden hose quite useful in maintaining your outdoor space. It’s perfect to use for targeting areas that sprinklers cannot reach. At the same time, you can use it to clean the different items you keep outside.

Aside from lawn care tasks, a garden hose can also be used for other chores such as giving pets a bath outside, washing the car, and clearing out gutters and downpipes.

2. Watering can

A watering can is what you need, especially if you have a lot of hanging plants around your outdoor space. At times, the blast of water from a garden hose can be damaging to the growth of delicate blooms. Therefore, it’s better to use a watering can or even just a spray bottle to keep such plants adequately hydrated. 

3. Drip hose

A drip system is a must if you wish to take a highly efficient approach to keep plant beds and certain parts of your lawn properly watered, especially during the warm months. Drip irrigation applies water slowly, so the water is absorbed efficiently.

To make this system even more effective and a bigger time and energy-saver, connect the hose to an automatic timer. According to experts on lawn care Nixa, MO residents trust, this will not just help you save water, but it will also allow you to forget about the task and take care of more important things.

4. Garden clippers

The latest garden clippers that you can find in hardware stores, hobby shops, and gardening stores have a much better design than traditional gardening shears. The clippers make pruning so much easier, even if you’re cutting thick and pliant branches from trees and bushes.

For example, those by the brand Dramm have a durable spring in the middle, so you won’t have to exert a lot of effort and energy when cutting. Plus, they have really sharp blades and even come in a variety of cheery colors.

5. Cart

If you have a spacious lawn, you definitely need a cart for gathering fallen leaves and other clutter. It will make the clean-up job so much easier. Also, if you want to garden often, the cart will come in handy in carrying everything you need to the particular areas that you want to work on. You can place all your other tools in it, bags of compost, and seedlings.

It’s worth adding that a cart makes for a nice toy for older kids, as well, especially if you’re involving your children in gardening tasks. Just make sure that they’re careful with it because it’s not only bigger, it’s much heavier.

6. Spiral hole drill planter

This device is a must if you want to plant seeds and seedlings. This will break through soil and help loosen it more easily. With a spiral hole drill planter, you do not have to expend your energy too much for the task; just turn it on and place it where you need it and the job gets done in three counts.

Another advantage of using this tool is it makes the dug-up soil that you put back to cover seeds quite fluffy, which is what you want to ensure that seeds do not suffocate and get enough moisture from watering.

7. Trugs

Gardening and lawn care can easily become tasks that you enjoy doing. You can find yourself doing multiple tasks throughout the day just to keep your outdoor area looking nice and clean. To help you go about the different tasks, you will need trugs to carry things around.

Aside from carrying things, you can also use trugs for storage. You can keep your bags of corn gluten meals, diatomaceous earth, and seeds in them. Trugs come in metal and pliable polyethylene options. According to Country Living, the latter are better options because they are lighter and much easier to store when not in use.

8. Aerating shoes

Compact soil can be a problem after the fall and winter seasons. Therefore, you will need to loosen it a bit for air permeability and proper water infiltration. Walking around in aerating shoes can help with this important task. These can dig holes into your soil and make the ground less dense.

9. Lawnmower

This is an absolute must if you have a big lawn covered with turf. A lawnmower is the best piece of equipment to use in maintaining the right height of your grass and keeping your garden tidy through the changing seasons.

This is a pricey investment, though, but a well-maintained lawnmower will serve you for a long time.

10. Spray bottles

Spray bottles are what you need for the different tonics required for keeping your lawn healthy. Typically, you need these spray bottles to spot-treat weeds using vinegar, or to kill some pests. You can also use these to water delicate plants. Spray bottles are also better to use when you want to save water while cleaning your small gardening tools.

Easy-breezy gardening

There you have them, ten of the most important tools to have when you want to stay on top of gardening and lawn care. The big advantage of these tools is that most of them can perform more tasks than one. So even if some of these seem initially pricey, they are certainly worth it. 

You don’t have to buy all of these at once, too. However, as you get used to sharing lawn care responsibilities with professionals, it’s nice to build up your gardening arsenal to keep up with the splendid job of the pros effectively.

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