6 Trending Styles of Glass-Tops for Your Workplace and Home office

Whether it’s your traditional office or home office, you need to make a comfortable environment. It’s necessary because having a comfortable or cozy environment makes you feel fresh all the time and that’s what we all need while working. You know what? You should remodel your traditional offices with modern trends and techniques. If you are confused about either laying down a round glass table top or rectangle glass table top at your workplace, then stay tuned and get amazing ideas.

Bored from traditional outdated offices? Forget it! Make these changes according to the latest trends and switch your boring office into an interesting one. Apart from traditional offices when it comes to home offices, they should be decorated according to your home interior. Make sure not to over-decorate your home office as it will distract you and shift your focus frequently.

Why choose glass tops for offices?

Specifically, in offices, tables and chairs are excessively used, so they should be properly maintained and cleaned. Working people are mostly addicted to coffee or tea because they have to keep themselves awake and fresh. But these coffee or tea mugs leave inflexible stains, which are pretty much difficult to remove and when table tops are made from wood, these stains are impossible to remove.

In this regard, glass table tops are quite comfortable to use because such stains can be easily removed from polished and smooth surfaces of glass. That’s why we recommend you to go for glass table tops for your offices. It would not only look classy but also help to maintain it thoroughly. If you own small offices or like home offices, use glass table tops because they will reflect the natural light and lighten up dark spaces. Are you searching for good quality and affordable glass table tops? Check out Fab Glass and Mirror for amazing options. 

How can you décor glass tables- are you, too, confused?

Are you thinking of how to decorate office glass tables? It’s not a bit difficult. With glass tops, you can create thousands of classy designs that will make your offices modern and trendy. Either you have a round glass table top or rectangle table top, we have brilliant ideas and trending styles you can apply to your workplace. Glass adds beauty as well as elegance to anything, so it’s not that difficult to decorate anything with glass. As far as table tops are concerned, you can have office tables of your favorite material, just place a glass top for more protection.

3 most popular shapes of glass tables

Now, let’s talk about what shape of glass table is most suitable for different corners of an office.

Round glass table- for coffee spots!

When you are tired of continuously sitting on your chair, you can sit on the sofa and have your cup of tea or coffee – whatever you need. You might have noticed that usually, coffee tables are round in shape. You can choose a round-shaped glass table as a coffee table for your office instead. Just place a round glass table top in order to achieve more protection. You can add round glass tables to lunch corners, also. They will help to have easy access to each and every dish placed on the table.

Square shaped tables- best for home office

styles of glass tops

Such types of tables are most commonly used in offices. You can add these square tables to receptions or waiting rooms, where no big tables are needed. Use square glass tables as side tables in waiting rooms, just to place minor things or any decoration piece. Especially for home offices, these square shaped tables are perfect, as here we have less space.

Rectangle glass table top

Need to remodel your conference room? Replace old small wooden tables with rectangle glass tables if you want to add a modern touch to your conference rooms. Meeting rooms should be spacious enough, so all faculty members can easily get together for meetings. Usually, for meeting rooms, rectangle glass table and table tops are used to cover more people in less space.

6 brilliant hacks for styling your glass tables

Use glass top for drafting tables

styles of glass tops

In some professions, you need to draw different shapes and designs; for this purpose, the surface should be smooth enough. You can use glass table tops for drafting tables, whether rectangle or round glass table top. It will boost your drafts by providing smooth drawings.

Cover the edges of the glass table with refined wood

If you want to add any other material along with glass for your office tables, do it with elegant designs like covering the edges of a glass table with wood or steel, whatever suits your theme. We always recommend having glass table tops, because they enhance the beauty of the entire room as well as brighten it up by reflecting light.

Black desk? Place a glass table top!

styles of glass tops

Do you love black wood? Obviously, who doesn’t? Tables made with black wood are truly amazing. However, in small offices or home offices, this black wooden table can block the natural light. If you don’t want to change the table, we recommend fixing a glass table top on it. This way you can restore your desire of keeping a black table and the glass allows natural light to reflect back and lighten up the area.

Storage place inside conference room tables!

Well, conference rooms are used just for meetings, unlike regular desks. So, you can decorate it as you like, you can either add an aquarium under the table or a little library, where you can keep updated magazines or newspapers. If you create a little storage place or library under the conference table, everyone can have easy to open or take notes during meetings.

Double the layers of glass top for more space!

styles of glass tops

Well, if you are going to create a home office, you can go with this option. You can either make your coffee table or a regular desk, a storage place. For this purpose, build two layers with a glass table top. Place your coffee mugs or other important stuff on the top layer and other things under the table. It will help to have easy access to the things you may need while working, without disturbance. Store your favorite books, magazines, or laptops on the below layer and enjoy comfortable working hours.

Add 2 to 3 layers of table tops- add style!

Well, this option is just to add style! You can add 2 to 3 unequal layers of glass table tops, in order to create a sturdy surface and chic style. Fix it with stainless steel bolts that are visible. It’s quite simple and nice,

Wrapping up!

Whenever going to remodel traditional offices or to build up a home office, you must use glass table tops. It won’t only add beauty but also lighten up the small spaces. Glass table tops are far more convenient than others because they are easy to clean. As per the above discussion, round glass table tops are perfect for public corners like cafes or waiting areas and rectangular glass tops are the best option for conference room tables. 

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