Fresh Flowers via Courier – A Review of Prestige Flowers

Fresh Flowers via Courier - A Review of Prestige Flowers

You can’t deny the power of flowers. Whether you prefer to potter around in the garden, or are more like me and choose to purchase flowers and put them in a vase, they are the perfect way to liven up the home and even liven up your mood. With so many options and varieties of flowers, it’s no surprise that there is also a big offering of how you can buy them. From the supermarket discount bin to delivery services there are many ways one can get a hold of our flowers. Whether you buy them for yourself, your home, or as a gift, it’s great to always know you are getting the best value and quality. Is it possible to get fresh flowers in the post? Today I share with you a review of Prestige Flowers and invite you to find out.

Fresh Flowers via Courier – A Review of Prestige Flowers

Fresh Flowers via Courier - A Review of Prestige Flowers

When Prestige Flowers offered to send me a bouquet of their flowers from their luxury range I was quite pleased. I expected a nice flower arrangement but my experience was so much better than expected.

The Company 

Prestige Flowers is a UK based flower delivery company that ships to “every corner of the UK”. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which covers anything that could have gone wrong from the company’s end. From replacing the flowers, to upgrading their arrangements, it’s seems as though Prestige Flowers aim to please their customers. From flowers under the £30 range to flowers costing well over £100 they offer flowers arrangements in a wide price range. Their range isn’t confined to flowers for that big romantic gesture, they offer flowers for any occasion. As well as gifts.


I really didn’t know what to expect, so when I received my package I was quite surprised. I got a branded box that was sealed properly and was very light. Once I opened my box full of goodies I was quite pleased with the contents. The contents included the floral arrangement, of course, a vase, a card, and a small box of handmade British truffles, flower food, and some papers, one of them being a voucher for a discount on wine!


The flowers themselves are an absolutely gorgeous bouquet called Allure. They can be found in the Anniversary range and are a stunning array of red roses and beautiful foliage. I was really impressed when I opened the box and would be very happy to get these flowers as a gift for an occasion or even just because.

The bouquet included 16 red roses that were in bloom just enough to make me gasp out of sheer delight, but closed enough that they would last longer than a few days. I’ve currently had the flowers for a week and though there is the normal wilting there are still many of the roses and plants that are looking as good as new.

The bouquet is bigger that the pictures do it just for. So much so that I have been able to divide it into 2 bouquets! I made one for my Dartington Crystals jug, to keep on my counter in my open plan living/dining area, and one for my bedroom. The aroma is so light and lovely that it is a beautiful addition to my home.

If you ever need to send someone a gift I recommend an arrangement from Prestige Flowers. It’s a brilliant time saver without having to sacrifice any of the quality you would expect from a good florist.